30 Minute Massage -- $50

60 Minute Massage​ -- $80

90 Minute Massage -- $115

Enhanced Massage Blends    $10

Choose from selective blends of aromatic + therapeutic essential oils for your massage

Massage Cupping Add On      $10

Air Cupping may be added onto any therapeutic massage. Mention at time of booking.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

This massage reduces stress, encourages relaxation + increases lymphatic circulation

Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer pressure massage that helps to reduce chronic stiffiness + pain

Sports Specific Massage

A massage to enhance performance + prevent injury + rehabilitate

Mindful Massage     $80-$85/60 min

This massage blends mindfulness + body work so that you may enter a restful, peaceful state.  Through breathing + relaxation techniques, the clutter of the busy mind is cleared which allows you to fully relax.  Essential oil may be used upon request to tailor the massage for you.

Bowen Technique       $50/30 min

A technique engaging the fascia to restore structural tensegrity to the body by releasing tensions that are creating imbalances

Raindrop Technique    $100/60 min

A massage using a sequence of immune-enhancing essential oils to support the body's natural defenses + other body systems

Hot Stone Massage    $90/60 min

Warm stones are used as an extention of the hands to loosen muscles + allow for a release of tension + stress

Detox Treatment          $95/75 min

This massage treatment stimulates the lymphatic system with dry brushing, anti-cellulite gel + detoxing essential oils. DETOX

Combines natural therapeutic properties of essential oils + healing properties of massage

Essential Oil Massage $85/60 min