30 Minute Massage -- $50

60 Minute Massage​ -- $80

90 Minute Massage -- $115

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Specific Massage

This massage reduces stress, encourages relaxation + increases lymphatic circulation
A firmer pressure massage that helps to reduce chronic stiffiness + pain
A massage to enhance performance + prevent injury + rehabilitate

 Meditation Massage              

Raindrop Technique         $100/60 min

Bowen Technique       $50/30 min

A massage using a sequence of immune-enhancing essential oils to support the body's natural defenses + other body systems

Coming in January

A technique engaging the fascia to restore structural tensegrity to the body by releasing tensions that are creating imbalances

Detox Treatment          $95/75 min

Essential Oil Massage $85/60 min

Hot Stone Massage     $90/60 min

This massage treatment stimulates the lymphatic system with dry brushing, anti-cellulite gel + detoxing essential oils. DETOX

Warm stones are used as an extention of the hands to loosen muscles + allow for a release of tension + stress

Combines natural therapeutic properties of essential oils + healing properties of massage

Enhanced Massage Blends    $10

Choose from selective blends of aromatic + therapeutic essential oils for your massage